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Welcome to the Energetic Home of Nine

Certainty hears questions while harmony leads to remembrance of knowing. Soon we will begin to remember all. Now, decide for yourself whether the answers you have are forgetting or re-membering. Opalescent memory questions nothing, except "Who remembers?" The answers rise as certainty dissolves into harmonic divinity restored. Enter the realm of possible reality and allow the code of Nine to open up the world within.

Here you can access all the messages from the Pleiadian Renegades, Anica, Theo, Asket, and Semjase, brought to you by Maryann Rada, terrestrial contact for the League of Light (LOL). Explore the links to find libraries of written communications, audio teachings, video messages of all kinds, plus other extensions of the energies of the LOL. Enjoy! 

Soon to be unveiled...

Opalescent Nine is undergoing a very exciting transformation! Stay tuned (by newsletter, facebook, or by checking back here) for the upgraded, enhanced site to be launched into cyberspace, and to your screen. I'm hoping to have it here soon, and to have more time for writing and making new videos! Smile
The new site includes:
  • A repurposed, reintegrated forum
  • A rich new video library to spark remembrance
  • Easier, more intuitive navigation
  • Succulent new design features
  • Greater security and stability of an upgraded, robust platform
  • And more!

League of Light Videos



Interdimensional Art

Pure channeled artwork from the energies of the League of Light. See the gallery here to find out more about the art, how to get your own original or print, or to commission a custom piece.

Asket by Marie-Chantal Kindou"Asket" by Marie-Chantal Kindou

Visit Marie-Chantal on Etsy or Fine Art America

Adjust Your Trajectory

 Personal channeled messages from the Pleiadian Renegades, soul readings

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A recent review...

Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity"I have just read both of your books back to back, and I have experienced a shift of epic proportions. In other words -- I am no longer who I was. I have hand copied copious amounts of your material onto sheets of A4 paper and wallpapered my bedroom wall with them. Indeed I feel like the proverbial fortune hunter, who has finally found his gold. Mere words just cannot covey my appreciation. From My Heart to Yours, Your Pleiadian Bro Leo"
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A Great Secret of Nine

A long time ago, your people were traveling in a cloud of unformed massless stuff, pure potential held together by an agreement to experience the potential of diversity within a sphere called Gaia. Some call it Terra, others call it Urth. Such is the nature of diversity that there is not a commonality of language, but there was, at that point in timelessness, and there is still today, an agreement that you would together experience a unified cosmic moment in this particular construct. And there was light. And there was land, separated by ocean, and sky separated by nothing more than perspective from a perfectly-formed energetic ball of thought which you inhabited as individuated beingnesses, expressions of I AM, walking along the linear track of time and space beneath the stars you once called home. Then you allowed forgetfulness to seep in, stories to arise, and so it continued both day and night for eons and eons of enfolded weaves of the strands of creation taking form and movement and volition to achieve what once the unified mass of thought had set out to achieve. What was that? You stand in front of it now: The creation of a world in which you can, as a unified consciousness, live as a single organism of diverse individuated beingnesses in harmonic accord with the resonant strand of I AM. All the eons upon eons of time from the initial thought to the manifest response have carried you to this point of divine ascendance. It is not a moment in which everything changes, but it is a moment in which your reality takes on a new impetus toward peace, harmony, and fulfillment… if you so intend it to be.

from "New Day Dawning: 9-9-9 and Your New Reality"
Changing Address: Notes about Our Galactic History

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What People Are Saying

I love these pages… and your comments / essays. They are funny, light hearted but like an arrow… straight to the point. It grows well within me, metaphorically flowering true! thanks ;)

Nikki, UK

"Thank you for your wonderful writings. I savor each word, each phrase, each sentence, milking them for all that they hold! I appreciate the expansion and upliftment." -- ♥ Chris B., Florida

The alignment of reality tunnels, or at least a harmonious correspondences between these vantage points. I’ve always wanted to say what you just said, but I never had the words for it. You did.


This is easily one of the most beautiful and true things I have ever read in this entire lifetime! Thank you *SO* much for explaining Me [and Our People] to other people in such a completely honest and accessible way!!!

Daemon, USA

'... as timelines converge into the singularity at the point where the various 2012s of your realms of possibility are all in one tight little bundle of simultaneity.' What a remarkable, beautiful, fluid description of our current position and situation!

This message simply is adorable. How can someone put so much meaning into such sweet words? It was more than a pleasure to read. Thank you so much for posting this.

Axel, USA

So eloquently stated… simultaneously raising my hair and slackening my joints…”

Kus, India

"Maryann typifies the truth and the attitude it takes to be real about the change humanity has been in desperate need of for millenia... that is what a Pleadian renegade and a fringe thinker does and she does it in text book style." -- ♥ Larry L., Oregon

I just love your website. I love to come back to it at least once a week to see if you already updated your site. The messages are so constructive and positive, nearly all of them blow my mind… You are truly a missionary on humanity’s path. Much Love.”

Richard, Germany

These beautiful messages deeply resonate with intuitions I just couldn't formulate. Thank you, thank you...

James, France

Maryann's writing is always exquisitely mysterious as well as profoundly insightful. Enjoy!

Margaret, California

So very glad to have found you [through the post at mayanmajix.com]. The eloquence, sincerity, humor, and love are duly noted. And truly appreciated. Looking forward to future erudite illumination. Thank you.

Michael, USA

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Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

The divinity within awaits your awareness.

The quintessential guide to what it is to be fully human, divinely aware creators and experiencers of reality. Dive in.

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Garden of Unknowable Things: A Renegade Pleiadian LexiconNew reality beckons your mind.

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Remembrance: Messages for Preparing for Contact

Opalescent words from the Pleiadian Renegades

The original messages said much to many, and this new edition speaks even more fluently to the heart of humankind.

6x9" paperback, 204 pages

$16.50 ($5.99 e-book)

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